Camp Theme Descriptions

Week One – Fabulous Food:  This week will be all about making, and creating with food.  The children will be preparing simple snack foods that they can make on their own, and a few fun treats, too!  Our spring garden will be the inspiration for many of the recipes, as children explore what is growing, and come up with what to make. **Please inform us of any food allergies at least 1 week in advance**

Week Two –  Backyard Camp-out!:  Good old fashioned play will be the theme of our third week.  Water play, crafts, sand and dirt play, story-telling and and more! Children will also enjoy snack that correspond with the activities of each day.

Week Three – Art Explosion!:  Week two at Camp Great Oak will be messy and inspiring!  Each day the children will explore and create with a new medium of art – from paint to clay.  One day will be dedicated to Pollock style painting – this week is sure to be an explosion of art!  **Please dress children in old clothes**

Week Four - Super Science Lab: This week we will be exploring all kinds of science.  From nature science to kitchen science we will be making fossils, balloon rockets, naked eggs and some explosions, too!

Week Five – Nature Explorers: Wear you best explorer clothes are we venture the gardens, forest and fields of Great Oak.  Campers will enjoy crafts, nature discovery, water and sand play and much more in the final week of camp.

Campers should have with them each day : Change of clothes, sunblock and insect spray, lunch, water-bottle, swimsuit and towel.  All items should be clearly marked with campers name.

A nutritious snack, prepared in part by the campers will be served each day around 10:30.  A picnic lunch will be enjoyed by all at 12:30 – campers should bring their lunch and drink from home.


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