Mixed-Age Kindergarten

Mixed age Kindergarten: “Laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning”
Ages 3 to 6

Great Oak’s early childhood curriculum is based on the understanding that early childhood experiences are a critically important part of the development of each individual child. We build a solid foundation for future academic work by protecting and nurturing the child’s natural creativity.
In all ways, the teacher works to create a harmonious environment that is worthy of the child’s imitation.
Classroom and outdoor activities are carefully designed to encourage language development, enhance memory and comprehension, and nourish imagination–all prerequisites for creative thinking and academic achievement.
Kindergarten at Great Oak is active and creative through outdoor play, stories, songs, rhymes, puppetry, movement and water color painting. Practical activities such as sewing, hammering, sawing, sweeping, gardening and grinding grain that is then baked into bread, develops the child’s connection to their bodies, to life in their families and their communities, and to the natural environment.

Before and after care are available.

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