A conversation about Autism, vaccines and childhood wellness.

Join us Saturday, December 1st 9 – 11am as we welcome professional Homeopath, Jenice Stebel for a conversation about Autism, Vaccines, homeopathy and wellness.

In 1943, well-known child psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Kanner, announced his discovery of 11 cases of a new mental disorder – this condition soon became known as autism. Now, almost 70 years later, we know that autism is not a mental disorder, but a complex bio-physical, chronic illness brought about my numerous factors. Jenice will present current research on autism/ASD spectrum disorders and how autism relates to other common childhood epidemics (such as allergies, asthma, learning disabilities, ADHD).

·         How common is autism?

·         What are the causes?

·         Is there a link between vaccination programs and ASD/childhood epidemics?

·         Is there a link between Lyme disease and ASD?

·         What about genetics?

·         Is recovery possible?

·         Various options for healing including homeopathy and advanced energy medicine

Jenice Stebel, D.I.Hom, DSH-P, BCIH has almost 10 years experience as a professional homeopath and has specialized for the past 6 years in vaccine injury, bringing healing, hope and restoration to families dealing with autism and other chronic illnesses in children and adults. She served as a professional homeopath with Homeopathy Center of Houston from 2007 through 2012, and is now a full-time practitioner with Quantum Techniques, practicing an advanced form of Neuorological Integration therapy, detoxification, homeopathy, lifestyle coaching, and energy medicine. She is passionate about health freedom, personal choice, and empowering others to take control of their health.

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