What Our Parents Are Saying

“I love that Great Oak School allows children to stay in their child like realm filled with wonder while still instilling good values, sense of community and work ethic. I love the nature based atmosphere from the toys to the festivals celebrating the changing of the seasons! The Waldorf education system is based on a child’s developmental phases and has been time (80 years!!) tested in its effectiveness. It is a very nurturing, loving and yet disciplined school. The teachers are intelligent and kind; upon meeting them, I immediately felt secure leaving my child with them. There are no tv’s or junk food, no fighting or bullying; this school emulates our fairytale ideals when we wish for a safe place for our children to learn outside of the home. ”

“I knew that Waldorf education was the right choice for my family before moving to Texas and before discovering Great Oak School. What makes this school so special is the homey, nurturing and loving environment in which the children beam with joy and excitement. Every little detail has a reason and a meaning behind it (the simple and natural toys, the healthy snacks, the rhythm of the day and the rhythm of the week, the beautiful environment, the peaceful and loving teachers, I can go on and on…). I am also a strong believer that earlier is not better, and therefore I am 110% on board with Waldorf beliefs that kindergarten is a place for learning through play rather than flashcards and memorization of alphabet and numbers. ”

“After a 10 year gap, we had our youngest child & were looking for a pre-school when he turned 3. We wanted a special school, where our youngest would be nurtured, be able to play outside & not have academics emphasized, he has his entire life to learn… but learning through play was very important. We found this in Great Oak School. There are so many things we love about this school, not only its nurturing environment, but the indirect learning, for example, the children molding small pieces of bees wax and warming it with their little fingers before it becomes pliable. All the children then put their bees wax creations on an old log in the middle of the table. Through this simple process they have learnt to share and a small piece goes a long way! They sing songs while making their simple yet artistic creations, it truly is special! Thursday is bread day, they grind the wheat grains to make the flour, & all natural ingredients are added to it to make the dough; the best part of it is that they enjoy their bread with natural butter & jam! My son calls this his math project. The playground is fantastic, the giant oak tree has branches expanding outwards to cover the playground giving natural shade. The school location is peaceful, the children hear the birds & not the hustle & bustle of daily grind. The teachers are very caring & kind; the kids are called little acorns – how beautiful! I could carry on & on, but you have to check it out for yourself. If you are looking for something different & special visit Great Oak School & its education based on the Waldorf Philosophy.”

“Having worked in public high schools for the past decade, I have come to appreciate the importance of children being taught content that is relevant to them, in a way that is meaningful to them. Creating an environment where knowledge is discovered, concepts are modeled, and children are free to be children will always trump sitting them down in rows and reciting memorized content. These children work with their hands and their minds, creating, playing, learning, cleaning. Come spend a day, it will change the way you view education. ”

“Waldorf education has changed my life and my family’s life. What a gift! This small, calm, loving school is just what the US education system is missing today. A low teacher to student ratio (about 10 to 1, with an assistant also) means your child gets the nurturing and attention they need to grow and succeed. They play outside every day, use open-ended natural toys, and are in a caring atmosphere where each child feels at home. You need to check out this wonderful place for your precious children.”

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