Understanding our Education Fair

Listen to a podcast about our school and why you should be interested in attending the Education Fair – It’s Free! (the podcast and the Event!)

As many of you have seen in previous newsletters, we have a FREE upcoming Education Fair hosted by our school.  We want to make sure that you understand why this is an event not to be missed!
The guiding theme for this event is “A Renewal of Education”, and our hope with this unique offering is to enrich the lives of all who attend.  This is a CONFERENCE, for current and prospective parents, Homeschooling families, educators (from all academic settings), and child-care professionals.  Most of the speakers have been in education for decades, come from all different backgrounds and will open your eyes to a whole new way of educating a child.  The information that will be shared is invaluable to anyone with a child in their life.
If you want to understand how a developmentally-appropriate curriculum nourishes a child, see why play-based education is so important, prepare yourself for homeschooling, understand child development, or enrich your parenting…  then you need to attend!

Please also consider if you know anyone that is looking for alternatives in education, or might benefit from the information we are sharing.  Anyone is welcome to attend.

This is an ADULT only event.  We love our children, but for these few hours we need parents to be present and engaged in the information presented.  The exception to this will be exclusively breastfeed infants, that need to be with their mommies.

The Education Fair is free for all to attend.  Please take time to register on our website by clicking on the Registration tab, share this information with a friend, and be prepared to be inspired!

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