Less is truly More.

by Sara, Mama of Lily and Natalie

Before I knew about Waldorf, I was headed down the path I thought I was supposed to be on. The path of More.

More information. More explanation. More activities. More classes. More stuff. Really what I found that I wanted for my family had everything to do with Less. Less stuff, less explanation, fewer activities and classes, and less information crammed into the beautiful and fertile brains of my little girls. There is time for that. Now, because of less, we have time to dream and talk about fairies and butterflies and birds and play amongst them.

There is much more I could write,but in the spirit of less I simply want to show you the picture of a moment I will never forget. A moment I never would have had it not been for what Waldorf philosophy has given our lives. We bought a beautiful plant on our way home from school the other day. Later, Lily looked through the pictures of a fairy flower book and found our plant in the book. She can “see” the fairies in everything now. And she believes.

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