Building a Nature Table

by Keri, Owen and Elliot’s Mama

I have been wanting to carve out a little space for a nature table for quite sometime now. I always struggle with not having the “right” table, or “perfect” little accessories to make the spot special. Now that I have seen how much Owen just adores the nature table at Ms. Helen’s room, I knew I must make this a priority here at home.

I realize that what makes a special play area is the beauty and charm that the children bring to it. It does not have to be “perfect”, it just has to be right for our home and family. A Waldorf nature table can be made with anything, and anywhere! I know my boys always gravitate to a sunny window, and small places to play. We have a little unused window just behind a rocker in our living room – and that is the spot we chose.

I brought in a little box that can be a play surface, and also has drawers to store the off-seasons items. Traditionally you would see colored silks to create a scene at a nature table. I am a big fan of “using what you have” – so I think a cut up old sheet, maybe with a little tea staining for character would be just right for now. Silks will come later.

I wrote about making a Autumn leaf hanging with the boys last week, and it has made it’s way to out nature spot. It was so simple to make, and adds much charm and sweetness to our Autumn scene.

Today, we worked on making some scenery for our spot. Owen helped me cut out and sand a little shrub this afternoon. If you have access to wood and a few simple tools, I have found that it is very rewarding for me and the boys to create something that can be used in their play space.

The boys and I collected some acorn and yaupon berries from the yard, brought a few shells to the space, and invited our little woodland friends to play.

It is a simple start, but I think part of the beauty of it is watching it evolve; just as they watch the changing of the season out the window.

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